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At the tail-end of March, we filled the Roastery from wall-to-wall with over 100 of this fine city’s coffee lovers. Packed in like a tin of well-dressed sardines, we all sampled some of the best espresso Europe has to offer, while dining on the sweet slow-cooked saucy goodness of Fidel Gastro’s sandwiches, washed down with Bellwoods Brewery’s delicious ale. This was our second annual Espresso Throwdown, and we had a blast.

Some of you readers may have been at our first-ever throwdown last year, when we pulled shots of espresso roasted by the stars of the New Zealand and Australian coffee scenes. This year we petitioned some of Europe’s coffee gods (yeah, we said it), with Square Mile, Origin, Has Bean, Coffee Collective, Monmouth, St Ali, and Tim Wendleboe sending us a few kilos of their best work. Our team of baristas rocked the La Marzocco all night, cranking out multitudinous shots with their usual finesse and loving care. Thanks to our team for rocking it, especially Kyle for being an organizational superstar and all his extra help during the event.

Why do we put these events together? Well, a few reasons. One, the coffee community in Toronto is totally rad, and this is a great excuse to get a bunch of us together in one place, doing what we do best (drinking, talking, and loving coffee). Beyond the coffee world we’ve got a fantastic community of neighbours, customers, partners, friends, friends of friends, etc., and we want to share beautiful, exciting, ground-breaking new coffees with them. And it’s also a way for us to give back. Our throwdowns are fundraisers for CoffeeKids, an incredible non-profit that supports families living and working on coffee farms, through programs in education, health, and capacity-building. For those of you who came out, not only did you get the perks of coffee, beer, and pork belly, you also helped out a great and important cause.

Thanks to everyone-our guests, our team, Fidel Gastros, Bellwoods Brewery, and our roasters-for making the night such a smashing success. Until next year!

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