Monthly Archives: January 2012

We’ve had an amazing couple of years at Te Aro, with our roastery growing at a rate we couldn’t have dreamed of (well, we may have dreamed of it a little bit). And the more wholesale partnerships we make, the more beans and teas we’ve got to get around the city, more frequently. With Andy and the team bombing all over Toronto almost every day in the Te Aro-mobile, we were really putting some mileage on our little Mini, and, most importantly, losing precious roasting time to sitting in traffic and criss-crossing the GTA. It seemed there weren’t enough hours in the day.

And then we met a man name Bradley who had a bike. He wanted to help us deliver coffee. We thought, “it can’t be done! The beans are too heavy! The loads are too large! These bike couriers are all crazy!” But then we saw it. The Bullit. We were sold.

Reasons we’re digging Bradley’s bike:

  • it’s pretty hot. If you’ve seen it around town you know what we’re talking about. She’s a real beaut: sleek, shiny, and classy. How can you say no to that?
  • it’s way efficient. Bradley’s brilliant piece of bike engineering allows him to carry an impressive and surprisingly sizeable amount of stuff. This is not your average bike courier cruising around with a couple of envelopes on a little fixie—Bradley’s Bullit can haul up to 120 kg of cargo. And this Danish-made cargo bike isn’t even any wider than an average bicycle, so Bradley can dodge streetcars and gridlock and get our customers their coffee STAT.
  • it emits nothing but awesomeness. We’re always working to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure we’re an eco-friendly business. The less we drive, the better, and now that Bradley is our main mode of delivery, Te Aro’s even greener.

Our customers are loving Red Riding Goods too. When Bradley pulls up on his majestic red steed, it’s pretty much like Santa’s sleigh on Christmas, bringing gifts of fresh-roasted coffee beans, Te Aro tea, and joy.

Thanks Bradley, and your trusty bike, for getting our deliveries where they need to go and keeping the air clean. Check him out in the near future at: