Monthly Archives: November 2011

Ask any coffee enthusiast if the type of water matters when preparing their coffee and they will all say YES.   Coffee, after all, is nearly 100% water and therefore clearly has an impact on the taste of the end result.

Most cafes have sophisticated water filtration systems built into their water lines and hot water towers, but for the home coffee connoisseur, this is not usually possible.  There is bottled water or tap water available.  When choosing between these two there are not only health effects to consider, but taste too.  If your tap water has an ill taste, then your coffee will too.

Recently, we were given a Brita-like water jug from the water filtration company that we work with.  We’ve been using this at home for the last month and have been pleasantly surprised by the results.  So much so, we are now selling these water jugs at the Cafe.  Unlike the traditional Brita jug, the BWT Tea and Coffee Water Jug enriches the water with magnesium, which greatly improves the taste of the water and becomes apparent when you use this to make coffee at home.  Essentially, it adds more body to your water and to your coffee.  Lead and Chlorine are removed as are scale-forming elements (like lime scale, which is a killer for home machines), making it great to use for any type of brewing method or on your home espresso machine.

Come in and ask us about them or flick us an email to andy at if you have any specific questions.