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During Columbia’s Cup of Excellence Auction this year, there was one coffee in particular that received an exceptional number of bids.  The farmer responsible for this lot is Arnulfo Leguizamo.  Not only did his coffee win First Place, it also achieved the astonishing score of 94 points.  Scores this high are rarely seen in the coffee world, and through this win, Arnulfo Leguizamo’s small quarter hectare crop fetched over US $100,000.  Can you imagine the emotion when Arnulfo found out he won?  From Wired Magazine’s Frederick Kaufman, who was at the ceremony:

“When I finally get the champ’s attention, I ask what will he do with all that dinero heading his way, and he looks over the teeming crowd, eyes moist with emotion. Perhaps he is recalling how, high in the mountains of Teruel, he harvested his Caturra, washed the cherries with cool spring water, and dried them in the sun, as did his father, as did the ancients.

“Thank God and the Virgin Mary,” Leguizamo says.”  

We were fortunate to acquire some of the this lot and are excited to not only share the results of Arnulfo’s hard work and dedication with you, but the amazing story behind it all.  We have been supporters of the Cup of Excellence since we first opened our doors, not only purchasing/bidding on COE coffees, but by participating on the international jury for the last 2 years.

We have a very small quantity of this coffee, and this will only be available by pre-purchasing your half pound for $35 at Te Aro/Crafted or online.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!!

Notes on this exceptional Farm as well as Tasting Notes:

Mr. Arnulfo Leguizamo is 46 years old, son of a coffee farmer born in the municipality of Teruel, Huila. In his youth he studied several mechanical activities and after doing a lot of work in an urban environment, he decided that his future was in the field – dedicated to work with coffee. He started by planting half of a hectare in the property of his father in Teruel. He traveled to the municipality of San Agustín 23 years ago, in order to know the mystical sculptures at the Archeological Park. Nevertheless, the climate, the warm people and mainly the wealth of earth caused him to fall in love with this municipality where he met Mrs. Aura Rita Bolaños his wife and the mother of his four children: Mayeli, Joh Edison, Diego Felipe and Hamer Duvan. He began with 1 hectare, an inheritance of his wife, and after a while he bought 3 more hectares that he planted little by little with coffee. His farm is called “Primavera” and it is located in the village “El Tabor” at the municipality of “San Agustín”. Is cultivated with Caturra varietal and is being renovated to integrate the variety Castillo.

He has been a Rainforest Alliance Certified farmer for 4 years, and he is committed to the protection to the environment. He is protecting springs and birds, he is recycling trash, and he doesn’t spray out chemical products. These principles are because of his sons – he wants to keep his place at least without contamination or pollution so they can live and eat there in the future in a healthy way.

His principals for the production of coffee are based on the quality; he says “I have to do things with love, dedication and with the support of my wife and my children. The advantages of this land where my farm is located are a secret but mainly because of the high altitude and the right temperatures we produce coffee with the best attributes for its taste. It is important for us to harvest only ripe-red cherries and process on time. We have to wash coffee well with clean water and dry it under sun and air for that we use the system: ‘Casa Elda’.”FARM:  Primavera

FARMER:  Arnulfo Leguizamo

REGION:  San Agustin, Huila

ALTITUDE:  1841 m

VARIETAL:  100% Caturra


NOTES:  Jasmine, tamarind, apricot, wild honey, lime blossom, cherries, vanilla, sugar browning, elderberry blossom, vibrant, red fruits, floral, wine, caramel, floral, bergamot, lemongrass, lychee, raisins, tea-like, kaffir lime, tea rose, tropical fruits, passion fruit acidity, stone fruit, white peach, effervescent, creamy lingering, syrupy, notably sweet from beginning to end, persistent