Monthly Archives: October 2010

The interest in our coffee cupping sessions has been huge, so we have reviewed the session, and revamped it.  We are now limited the sessions to 6 attendees, and for $25, you will get to sample at least 3 of our coffees, learn about coffee tasting and Specialty Coffee, and take home a pound of beans with you!
We have also recently added a Home Roasting class.  We are encouraging people to bring their home roaster to the session, and they will have a chance to play around with different roasting profiles, various green beans, and even take some green home with them.
Details are below:

Coffee Tasting Session

Date:  Friday October 29th, 11:00 am (1.5 hr session)

Join us for an informal, entertaining, and educational coffee sampling! Learn how people in the coffee community taste and evaluate their coffees, and we’ll show you how it goes down!

Our only request: please let coffee be the only fragrance at the table.

The cost is $25 per person and includes:

-1 Pound of Te Aro Coffee

-Introduction to Coffee Cupping in the Specialty Coffee World

-Demonstration and Tasting of 3 different coffees

Seats at the Cupping Table are limited, so please register your interest by emailing

Payment can be made by Credit Card, Cheque or Cash and must be paid in full before the session.

Home Roasting Course

Date:  Friday November 5th, 7:00 PM (2 hour session)

Designed with Home Roasters and Coffee Fanatics in mind, this session has been designed to take your understanding of coffee and roasting to a new level.

The course will provide information on the “journey” of the coffee bean – from growing and processing, to roasting. You will have the opportunity to practice on your home roaster, after selecting your green beans from our current offerings, and under the instruction of Te Aro’s Roasting Team.

We are offering this first session at no charge.

Please bring your home roaster.

Limited to 6 spots.  Please register by emailing